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Our RL Freestyle Kiteboard gives you the best of both worlds: high comfort and powerful efficiency. It is specially designed for advanced freestylers who are on the water with foot straps or boots.



The superior construction makes our RL Freestyle board beautifully lightweight and delivers extreme resilience, while the deep mono concave gives excellent feedback with maximum edge grip to the kiter. In addition, it provides you with a rich pop with perfect control during the jump and thus enables optimal, easy control, and precise handling.

From very high jumps to mega loops to smooth handle passes, the RL Freestyle Kiteboard delivers full support and performance at all times. Here you always have perfect board control – no matter if hard moves or aggressive unhooked tricks. Board is not possible to use with wake boots.

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Abstract 1, Abstract 2, Abstract 3, Abstract Blue, Abstract Green, Abstract Purple, Acrobat Blue, Acrobat Green, Acrobat Red, Acrobat Yellow, Angry Rabbit, ASW, Bad Company, Bart, Bart 2, Blue Blocks, Blue Sky, Bond, Bone, Borek Green P, Borek Pink P, Bruno Black, Bruno White, Casino Royal, Che Guevara, Chiara, Circle Black, Circle Blue, Circle Green, Circle Red, Circle Yellow, Colors, Cubes Blue, Cubes Green, Cubes Mint, Cubes Orange, Cubes Red, Door, Door Classic, Electra, Favorit, Ferrari, Flames Blue, Flames Green, Flames Orange, Flower Dream, Flower Power, Flowers, Flubber, Flubber Green, Freeride, Freestyle, G Point, Garden, Graffiti, Graffiti Red, Haluz, Hawai Orange, Hawai Wood, Hnus Blue, Homer, Inso, Johnnie's Girl, Julian, Keep Calm, Lichtag, Maor, Mauwi, Maxwave, Mondrian, My Girl, Nathali, Nausa, Peter Pants Black, Peter Pants White, Playful 2, Polsko, Rainbow, Rainbow 2, Red One, Redbull, RL Bee, RL Classic Black, RL Classic Cyan, RL Classic Green, RL Classic Red, RL Classic Wood, RL Classic Yellow, RL Collection Red, RLB, Skullred, Slam 69, Slaugther, Smouhy Red, Stripes, Stripes Black, Tarifa, Toxic, Tube, Turtle Blue, Turtle Girls, Turtles, Ubrus, Window, Wood, Wood 2, Wood 3, Wood 4, Zebra


132×41, 135×42, 138×44, 147×44, 160×46 (door)


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