The Kitech Free RS (Ride/Style) - is Kitech’s 15th generation, mid aspect ratio (AR) kite

The FRS is the newest addition to the Kitech lineup designed for fun on the water, land, and snow. The kite has amazing stability, flying characteristics, and performance!

What is FRS standing for?

The FRS is true to the DNA of Kitech. It excels in Freeride and Freestyle. Although the FRS is super fast it is NOT a RACE kite and we are quite proud that It was designed to be the most user friendly and fun RAM (foil) kite on the market that would put a smile even on the most demanding hydrofoils, landboarders, skiers, snowboarders or freestylers out there. The FRS flies effortlessly with direct and constant feedback and small to medium bar pressure. Due to its speed and medium aspect ratio, the lift is breathtaking, in-flight control is constant, the hangtime is amazing and the re-entry is buttery soft. 

Sizes: 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 m2

Terrain: water, land, snow, ice 

Product lines:

FRS Standard version:  32 gr/m2 materials on upper – under sails, 32 gr/m2 hard rib material on attached, and non-attached ribs and diagonals.

FRS Ultra Light version: 27 gr/m2 materials on upper – under sails, 32 gr/m2  hard rib material on attached ribs and diagonals, 27 gr m2 hard rib material on non-attached ribs.

The FRS was created to achieve to following design goals: 

  • Easy, user-friendly setup: Kitech uses the shortest possible bridle lines, by employing high-end German Dyneema lines. The lines are actually relatively thick to withstand wear and tear, keep length constant and most importantly the lines are almost totally tangle-free. A few shakes of the bridle system and you are ready to go.
  • Fast, easy and safe launch: the new valves let the kite fill up exceptionally fast. The kite is controllable during filling. It is advisable to do this maneuver with the open adjuster and pulled-in bar (full power mode).
  • Higher performance, less drag: new, carefully chosen profiles combined with higher aspect ratio and higher numbers of cells
  • Faster flying speed, better upwind characteristics, smaller turning radius, and more dynamic looping: optimized 3D shape, low drag profiles, smaller bridle drag, higher internal pressure
  • Higher and longer jumps: faster-flying speed, direct flying characteristics, optimized lines, and trim
  • Amazing drift: for wave and hydrofoil applications we managed to improve on the legendary drifting ability of the Fly4!
  • Low wind performance: especially important for hydrofoiling.
  • No wing tip folding during jibes: the Fly4! never had that annoying problem, quite common on race kites. FRS is also free of tip folding.
  • Easy and safe solo launch and landing: to get started on the FRS is fast and easy. It was, however, also important for us to keep the legendary relaunch of the Fly4!. The geometry and bridle setup makes relaunches (side or reverse) very easy. In addition, due to Kitech’s proprietary stitching technology, the kites can be relaunch even after 30 min in the water.
  • Kiteloop: making the loops faster, effortless even after 3 or 9 o’clock to Zenith. The pull through the loop is significantly reduced for less drag on hydrofoils and for safer mega loops.
  • Unhooked: increase kite stability and retain the legendary re-launching ability of the kite to be able to recover from every sketchy situation

Construction: Closed-cell kite with diagonal ribs and internal reinforcement band system.

Bridle system: Pre-stretched and covered Dyneema lines from market-leading German manufacturer Liros.
Intelligent line mix 

Wind ranges:


Technical data:




Available Material: 32g standard and 27g Ultralight

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